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A place for questionable Kpop, KDrama, and BL Fanart Stickers and other nonsense! New stuff added in the shop semi regularly!

Current Charity Set!
  • Strangers from Hell Colouring Page

    Strangers from Hell Colouring Page

    Download the colouring page featuring the main characters from the kdrama “Strangers from Hell” to enjoy some chill colouring vibes, even if the show it’s from is the exact opposite of chill colouring vibes. Don’t forget to join the chill craft streams every tuesday night at 6pm on

  • JB Embroidery Pattern

    JB Embroidery Pattern

    Joining in on the livestream on August 2nd or watching the VOD and want to join in the fun? Download the JB embroidery pattern! One PDF is for if you’re tracing, and is in black. If you want a quick way to trace it, tape it to a window on a sunny part of the…

  • Download: Hoshi Colouring Page

    Download: Hoshi Colouring Page

    Download the colouring page for the July 26th Livestream where colouring this Hoshi Colouring Page is on the agenda. Download